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If you are considering the addition of an elevator to your building, you are probably wondering about all the presumed reconstructive modifications and how that lift will impact your monthly electricity bill. Vacuum elevators are relatively easy to install within only a few days by our experienced professionals, with almost no modifications to your building, no machine room and no pit. They are exceptionally efficient, using only a fraction of the electric power required by conventional elevators.

The rise and descent of the cabin in the lift’s shaft is done by air pressure, controlled by the head-unit or split-unit device. Instead of having to move massive counterweights and drag the cabin up and down, the shaft creates differences in air pressure to move the cabin accordingly; either by creating air vacuum to lift it upwards or letting air in to move it downwards. Ascent requires some power, while descent requires almost none. In case of power outage, the elevator will instantly switch to a slow descent, engaging the mechanical brakes automatically.

The PVE range of vacuum elevators combine exquisite sleek design, incomparable performance complete panoramic 360⁰ view and fully comply with all appropriate European Union regulations and CE standards, including Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC. All three PVE lift models require single-phase power supply with stabilizer at 220V. In comparison with conventional lifts, a standard elevator requires a lot more energy to move the same amount of weight, specifically the cabin and counterweights.

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The PVE vacuum elevators are undoubtedly the trendiest and most advanced technologically. They are definitely the ultimate investment contributing to a more efficient and eco-friendly environment. There will be no substantial increase in your energy bill after installing a vacuum elevator and you will not end up paying absurd amounts on yearly maintenance, simply because the PVE are the most advanced and energy-efficient elevators worldwide. We advise in the design process wherever required by participating in site visits, to explain which specific type of lift in the PVE range would be most appropriate for your building.

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