The Next is a new generation inclined platform lift ideal for curved staircases, with silent functioning and very comfortable to use. The innovative concept of the guide rail system allows for much shorter production time, when compared to other products that require months to produce. This is also possible due to the very slim design of the platform and the use of top quality materials by Extrema, one of the best known and most respected manufacturers in this field.

Fast delivery, colour display, touch button panel, App for smartphone and tablet are only some of the exclusive features of Next.

Every component is designed to occupy minimum of space on the staircase and the platform’s parking areas.

The installation of this platform stairlift will make practically any building, public or private, accessible to wheelchair users and persons with difficulties in mobility.

Its folding function ensures that your staircase remains free of obstructions and the upper rail can be used as a handrail.

The elegant, functional and modern design of Next blends seamlessly within any surroundings, no matter where it may be installed.

The rail is affixed on self-supporting pillars anchored on the steps’ surface. The operation of the platform is achieved through the on-board buttons and wireless external remote controls.

The Next runs on rechargeable batteries and the lift can be used even in the event of power blackouts.

The batteries are recharged when the lift is parked at either landing.

The smooth and soft start and stop performance, ensures that travel is a pleasant experience.

This superb platform lift is the ideal choice for solving accessibility challenges in private homes, shops, business premises, restaurants, public buildings and any other environment.

It is available in a variety of sizes, runs on single-phase power supply and may carry weight up to 300kg.

The Next has multiple devices with built-in safety sensors, which ensure the platform stops immediately in the event of accidental encounter with an obstacle in its path. It is certified to comply with all relevant EU standards and directives in terms of safety. 



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