The ergonomically designed I-Swim pool lift is a user-friendly and useful access system for people with impaired mobility. The movement is in a straight forward direction and requires an assistant to operate it.

The built-in wheels with brakes and its patented Auto-Tip stabilizing system, allow for easy and unimpeded access at any side of the swimming pool, whether indoors or outdoors, protected by an all-weather durable cover. The metal components are made of aluminium and stainless-steel and the mechanism is powered by rechargeable batteries offering 50 lifting cycles, in and out of the pool when fully charged. 

With a maximum weight load of 136kg and safety belt on the seat, the I-Swim is the ideal solution for people with impaired mobility to access a swimming pool at home, or public pools at sporting centers and hotels.

This lift ensures that swimming is accessible to all. It comes with a safety key to prevent unauthorised use and has a built in informative LCD display for the assistant operating it. The I-Swim is made in Italy and is certified to meet the strictest European safety requirements and standards. It is offered with a full 24-month warranty.



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