It costs a few thousands but the exact amount may be only calculated with a preliminary survey of specific details of the staircase such as height, length, curves, angle of inclination, total rail length, parking positions of chair, etc. One of our representatives may explain the precise cost, with a free visit.
We always provide a 2-Year Full Warranty on all our equipment and thereafter convenient tailor-made maintenance schemes to suit your requirements.
Yes there is a government grant for specific categories of users with diagnosed cases of Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Paralysis, Myopathy, Osteoporosis, etc.
You may contact us for more information.




The rails of our stairlifts can be fitted on any type of staircase, at multiple floor levels, over steep or curved stairs, landings or corridors. Our trained consultant will make a free assessment and advise you about the optimal solution, upon visiting your premises.
It may be installed on either side of the staircase (not directly on the handrail neither on the wall), on any surface such as marble, wood, granite or terracotta (except stairs made of glass).
It is effortlessly operated using a simple ergonomic joystick, conveniently located on the chair’s armrest, as well as with remote control switches that move the chair upstairs or downstairs.
Our stairlifts operate with long-life rechargeable batteries located under the seat. A simple socket is required to provide power supply and recharge the batteries.
Not at all. All our stairlifts are ultra-quiet.
All our stairlifts are manufactured, tested and certified to comply with the strictest European safety standards. Furthermore all our stairlifts are supplied with a safety belt.
Our stairlifts use the lowest and most compact rail which runs just above the steps. The chair itself may be fully folded when parked, thus requiring the least of space.
Upon receiving your order, our representatives will visit your premises to survey in detail all measurements of your staircase. The readings are then forwarded to the factory to construct the stairlift, which is dispatched to us as soon as the manufacturing process is completed. The entire procedure requires only a few weeks.
The installation itself in most cases requires not more than a day.
No damage at all, since the rail is carefully fitted on the steps with small and discreet screws.
We certainly offer different upholsteries in various colours such as fabric, vinyl and real luxurious leather for the seat as well a range of colours for the rail.




There are different platform sizes, depending on the dimensions of your wheelchair. It folds up fully and neatly, thus requiring minimal parking space.
It may be folded up either manually or automatically with the simple press of a button.
In the case of a straight staircase it may be placed on either side provided there is no obstruction. In the case of a curved and possibly narrow staircase the platform’s rail is usually affixed on the internal side of the staircase.
It is effortlessly operated using a handheld control in addition to a joystick, located on the platform, as well as with remote control switches that move the platform upstairs or downstairs.
Most installations require one or two days.
The flaps on all sides of the platform form a barrier to prevent the wheelchair reeling off the platform. The side arms provide additional security as a fence.
The platform is optionally offered with a foldable seat and safety belt, to be used alternatively as a chairlift.
Not at all. The platform’s rail may be affixed inside your handrail onto the steps. It may also replace your handrail by mounting the rail on the side of your staircase.
There is an emergency button conveniently located on the platform to call for assistance in case of situations requiring escort or supervision.