The Elesse is an enclosed through-the-floor indoor homelift, ideal for two storey homes where installation or operation of a conventional elevator is impossible. The tracks do not require a load-bearing wall, hence preparatory construction work is minimal and the ease of installation ensures the lift is ready for you to enjoy within just a few days. The actual installation requires no pit, but instead the tracks of the lift must be securely anchored on a solid part of the building.

The Elesse is fitted with an audible alarm and battery back-up for use in case of emergency.

As added safety, the homelift is equipped with an emergency stop and cabin lowering button. In the event of power failure, emergency back-up systems operate the door, lights and alarm.

The Elesse has wireless call stations, LED spotlights, mirror, handrails and illuminated internal push-button controls for ease of use. This homelift may be optionally supplied with amenities such as power-operated door, telephone and foldable seat. The Elesse offers luxury and elegance despite its compact size and small footprint of only 0.9m².

The standard external colour is pearl grey with several colour options for the internal walls and floor.

As an ultimate safety feature the built-in multiple sensors on this floating homelift prevent descent if obstructed, immediately halting the lowering of the cabin on contact. The Elesse is highly energy efficient, with a motor requiring only 1.5 kW of power input when in use. With a steady speed of 60mm/sec., it has a weight lifting capacity of up to 250kg. This platform lift fully complies with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC as well as the harmonised European Norm EN81-41.

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