The PVE30 is unquestionably the world’s most compact indoor elevator and by no means can its capabilities be underestimated. It has a lifting capacity of 159kg and an elevation capability of up to 15 metres over as many as five stops.

With a 750mm external diameter (total footprint), there are very few premises that do not have the space to accommodate this single passenger elevator. The PVE30 was designed as a small-scale and cost-effective access solution ideal for very tight spaces where a traditional elevator would be unthinkable.

Being the smallest of the PVE range of vacuum elevators, it only requires a round through-the-floor opening of only 810mm diameter for its shaft cylinders to go through.

In case of balcony-attached style installation, this self-supporting lift can be installed and safely secured in place against the upper floors using discreet steel cables or steel bands firmly attached laterally on to the landings.

In comparison to traditional elevators that require large concrete shaft, the self-contained PVE30 made of aluminium and polycarbonate may be installed on the existing finished floor and offers full panoramic view as one travels from floor to floor.

During the smooth ascent or descent the passenger feels the ambient temperature emitted from its surroundings.

The internal fan circulates the air and LED lights flood the cabin with ample lighting.

While the PVE37 and PVE52 vacuum elevators offer choice of same side or opposite side entry/exit configurations, the PVE30 is limited to only same side door openings.

The power supply required by the world’s smallest elevator is single phase 220V (25 Amp) with only 3kW of electric consumption.

This amount of energy is only required during use and is equivalent to about the same needed for an air-conditioner in most homes nowadays.

From an environmental and cost-saving standpoint, the PVE30 draws the least amount of electricity compared to any other elevator, and just like the other PVE models, it does not use any electricity at all when descending.

The PVE30 vacuum lift is the latest addition to the vacuum elevator line of lifts and has quickly found its place as the ultimate space-saving solution wherever required.



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