The HomeGlide stairlift is the ideal solution to all indoor straight staircase requirements, due to its simplicity and dependability. For more than 60 years people all over the world have benefitted from its convenience, comfort and smooth ride. It is an elegant and attractive addition to any home. It may be fitted directly onto a staircase to glide effortlessly along its aluminium track. Quality, service and reliability are fundamental to HomeGlide’s design, meeting stringent international safety standards.

The HomeGlide is powerful enough to manage weight up to 138kg. An incorporated signal beeping system will inform the user for any unexpected situations. Pressure sensitive edging on the footrest and around the stairlift provides extra security in the event of unexpected obstruction in its path. The straight rail may be cut at an angle to make the rail finish flat to the floor, reducing the distance between the footrest and the floor. To help you get on and off the chair safely at the top of your staircase, HomeGlide has a swivelling feature as standard.

The on/off switch keeps the batteries charged whenever you are away (on holiday) and the armrest’s joystick may be easily removed, acting as a key to prevent unauthorised usage.

For even more convenience, HomeGlide is available with two remote control handsets. Their slim design allows for convenient positioning near the top and bottom of stairs, also serving other members of the household.

The HomeGlide stairlift neatly folds away, to provide obstruction-free passage when not in use. The auto-folding hinge is the perfect answer to all homes with an obstruction at the foot of the stairs, usually a door. With the remote control handset the lower section of the rail quietly folds away, leaving the doorway clear.

Following any installation, our engineer provides comprehensive demonstration and orientation to ensure that our clients are well acquainted with its easy to operate controls, and are fully familiar with its use.

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