The production and installation of a stairlift and especially the rail, is no simple accomplishment and the effort and attention to detail required to create such a customized access solution, is commonly inconceivable to most people.

They are generally unaware and usually surprised to realyse that a stairlift is not a readymade system waiting to be installed in just about any staircase. Since there is no staircase where all risers’ depths or heights are of the same size, by protraction no two staircases are identical. In fact every staircase has its own unique and distinct character.

It is important to note that a true professional company experienced in stairlifts, will undoubtedly suggest the less usable part of a staircase. In most cases it is the internal and often very steep section, which requires a shorter rail and obviously a less expensive access solution.  This is a very simple task for us, and normally impossible for others.

Surveying requires one to two hours of careful measuring of all dimensions of a staircase. It is usually done manually using conventional geometric instruments or digital camera-scanning of hand-placed marking coordinates. Both methods require expert skill as both are equally prone to human error.  Every millimeter or fraction of a degree is of great significance to ensure precision in the subsequent blueprint.

All data recorded is then processed and transformed by our AutoCAD software into a proper architectural drawing, which is subjected to meticulous analysis to ensure faultless precision. The impressive standard and accuracy of our staircases’ drawings is unseen even in professional drafts of structures, as repeatedly admitted by civil engineers and architects, earning their highest respect.

The draft is then dispatched to the manufacturing department of the factory abroad. Highly competent engineers analyse the drawing by extrapolating the measurements and overlapping them with an appropriate rail and carriage. The visual depiction based on the actual drawing is then sent back to us for approval. Upon verification, the final consent is given to proceed with production of the stairlift.

Proper planning and implementation are of paramount importance to achieve impeccable production and installation of a stairlift. Our obsession with perfection and professional dedication to deliver absolutely flawless and unique engineering masterpieces, has rewarded us time and again with the ultimate satisfaction, our clients’ immense gratitude!

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